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Learning Oppertunity

Institution session to learn Programming (,c# / php )
Online (Practice and Theory)
Who are interested to join this session, email us on
Please note !!It is paid session, For fee information email us.
Session will held by M Atif Ali

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Who we are

We are the students of the Virtual University of Pakistan.CS and Business Department are working to gather to facilitate the Students.

Mission Statement

Learn , promote and convert.

It’s about the better creativity. Our aim is to avail opportunities for students for real time learning instead of their theoretical education. Our working mechanism is so simple, student which join us learn many things from our community, every member of every community try its best to guide the new joined student after a while the newly joined student is converted to a student which know more then the new joined students.  

how we work

Here are a few points about the Virtual Community and culture that you might find interesting if you’re considering joining the team.

  • We’re completely distributed. Everyone works from their own work environment, and they’re spread out all over the Pakistan. We don’t have an office, but we do have a “lounge” in Gujranwala where we can host meetings with team members and other events.
  • We coordinate via email, and the rest on direct IM, usually AIM, Skype and our own collaboration system.
  • We’re strong believers in Open Source, and we try to open source everything we can.
  • We get the whole Team Member together twice a year to brainstorm the broad strategy for the web for the coming months and also just to hang out and enjoy.
  • Everyone sets and works their own hours. What’s important is what gets done, not when or where it got done.
  • We have a one-button deploy system for, and we push code to the site as soon as needed and possible.
  • Everyone who joins, regardless of position, does support for their first three weeks.
  • For every feature we launch, we try to gather metrics about its usage, interaction, and growth, in addition to listening to the masses of feedback we get on our blog and through support. This helps us inform decisions about where things need to go. It’s not uncommon to launch a feature and then revise it several times over the following week.

That’s all about how we work for now. Have a question about how Virtual Community works? Send us a Mail.

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