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Independence Day Quiz Competition

We Warmly Welcome to Participate in “Independence Day Quiz Competition”, it in our Rules that your have to participate by Filling this form with original information. Please fill the Given Form to participate. There are basically 3 Steps to Participates

  1. Fill the Form with Original Information, A conformation email will be sent to you
  2. Go to Your VU Email Account and Find the Conformation Email (it could be in Your Spam Folder). Click the Given Link to conform.
  3. Login to Our System to Take Quiz using your VU Email Id and selected password(By you).

Please Note Member Register on Virtual community Already have to Fill This Form Agian to Take Participate.

    Login Information


Why Personal Information

  • To confirm your right Participation and to avoid the fake entries
  • To Ensure the Prize and certificate Distribution to Winners (Via TCS or any other resource)
  • Real Time Participation Real time Winner

What will be Awarded


2000/- Cash


32GB Data Storage


16GB Data Storage

VU ID User Name to Login
Password Password
Conform Password Re Enter Password

    Personal Information

Name Full Name
Father's Name Your Father's Name
Phone Phone
Email ID email ID
Address To Deliver the Prize or Certificate

Terms And Conditions

1.Filling in a valid, consistent and correct e-mail address and other required information in the quiz participation form is imperative. The e-mail ID would be used to notify participants about the results.

2.A Candidates Having Fake Information will no be consider a participant.

3.A conformation email will be send to User VU's ID (Vu Email ID) and Only Those Student will be illegible who confirm there participation.

4.Virtual Community reserves the right to terminate or extend the contest at any time, or to accept or reject entries at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same. Virtual Community authority’s decision regarding the contest will be final.

5.This quiz is not open to Virtual Community team.

6.Rules Are Subject to change by Quiz Competition Authorities.

For More Read Here Terms of Use(TOU) :

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