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Independence Quiz Competition

14th August, 1947 is the most important day in the history of Pakistan, at this day Muslims of subcontinent made map of the Islamic countryside “Pakistan” with their Blood on the word Map in the lead of Quaid-e-Azam (Rehmat-ul-Allah Aliah). To Memorized the Nation Builders and Martyrs on 14th august of every year Pakistani Re-newel resolve for Pakistan. Importance of this day cannot be neglected.We have come a long way, 14th August, our independence day should not only be an occasion for celebrating but for thoughtfulness of the financial contributions made by Muslim industrialists and businessmen under the guidance of Mohammed Ali Jinnah to give a sound economic foundation to Pakistan. The private sector led development strategy followed by Jinnah pre-partition and post-partition should continue to make Pakistan's economic future better..

      Virtual Community is Working to explorer the capabilities of the Students.So We always try to do something Unique.We are going to held a Quiz competition on this memorable Occasion.,

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"Independence Quiz Competition"

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As a Pakistani Student you must participate in this Quiz Competition and be glitter your skills. Absolutely There will be Prizes For the Top three Winners:


2000/- Cash Cash


32GB Data Storage 32GB Falash


16GB Data Storage 16GB Flash

and Participation Certificates For all the Participants.

Below are the Rules and Regulation for this Quiz Competition

::. Rules and Regulations

  • Vu’s student can only participate. For registration VU ID is must with out vu’s ID prize will not be claimed.

  • Quiz will have a set of 15 questions, each with multiple-choice answers. Each correct answer carries a value of 1 point. A successful candidate will require at least score of 10 points.

  • 20 winners will be chosen, We will be giving away prize Shields for 1st 2nd and 3rd Position as will as certificate as winner of the quiz, many more for the other winners.

  • In case of tied scores, the computer would draw the winner and the discretion of Virtual Community authorities remains final.
  • The winner will be individually informed through e-mail, post and call.
  • Filling in a valid, consistent and correct e-mail address and other required information in the quiz participation form is imperative. The e-mail ID would be used to notify participants about the results.
  • A Candidates Having Fake Information will no be consider a participant.
  • A conformation email will be send to User VU's ID (Vu Email ID) and Only Those Student will be illegible who confirm there participation.
  • Virtual Community reserves the right to terminate or extend the contest at any time, or to accept or reject entries at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same. Virtual Community authority’s decision regarding the contest will be final.
  • August 13, 2012 10:00 am To August 15, 2012 12:00 PM Quiz will be open.We will be accepting only single entry per individual VU ID.
  • This quiz is not open to Virtual Community team.
  • Rules Are Subject to change by Quiz Competition Authorities.

  • Registration Will be open From 12th of august of 2012


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Quiz Competition Authorities

  • M Atif Ali Goraya (CEO)
  • Bilal Murtza (CPO)
  • Muhmmad Umar
  • Miss Mairah (CIO)
  • Miss Isha Samman (COO)
  • MIss Sabahat
  • Miss Maria
  • Miss Sana

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Call us On 0315-7723089 ( 9 Am to 7 PM )or email us on info@vugujranwala.com.

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