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eng 101 1st gdb sol ??????
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06-20-2012, 01:19 PM
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**Deena Sweet** Offline [ Member From :Apr 2012]
"Retired Team Members"
Retired Team Members
eng 101 1st gdb sol ??????
eng 101 gdb sol ??????
Graded Discussion Board Dated: Jun 15, 12
Dear Students

Graded Discussion Board for English Comprehension (Eng101) will open on 21-06-2012. Its closing date is 22-06-2012.

Give your views on any ONE of the following topics:

‘‘Moon has always been idealized by "Men of Letters" but scientific reality presents a totally different picture.’’ Would you like to visit the moon even today? Why or why not?


“Our present time is indeed a criticizing and critical time, hovering between the wish, and the inability to believe. Our complaints are like arrows shot up into the air at no target and with no purpose they only fall back upon our own heads and destroy ourselves.’’ Comment.

Read the following instructions carefully before posting your comments:

1. You must mention the title of the attempted GDB on top.
2. Do NOT attempt two topics.
3. Your comments should not exceed 100-150 words.
4. GDB carries 5% weightage.
5. Relevant and original ideas written in correct English will be highly appreciated.
6. Post your comments on GDB & NOT on the Regular MDB.
7. Comments sent through e-mail or posted on regular MDB will NOT be graded.
8. Comments copied from internet or other sources will be graded poor.

All the best!

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eng 101 1st gdb sol ?????? - **Deena Sweet** - 06-20-2012 01:19 PM

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